BetBonanza Payment Methods for Deposits and Withdrawals

BetBonanza deposit is a very important operation that must be completed by any player who would like to enjoy the full functionality of the website. While it is relatively easy to pay for bets, it is also important to learn more about other financial aspects of the site, including the BetBonanza withdrawal. This is why this review is so important to read for every new and existing member of this website from Nigeria.

BetBonanza Casino Payment Methods

BetBonanza Deposit – Most Popular Methods

After a successful registration on the BetBonanza site, the player is not only able to complete the BetBonanza login, but also to use a number of different payment methods:

  • Paystack;
  • Opay;
  • WebPAY;
  • GT Pay – Card, Bank & 737 Banking;
  • GT Bank Mobile App;
  • GTWorld App;
  • GT Bank Online;
  • Deposit in a Betting Shop;
  • Quickteller Paypoint Agent;
  • Palmpay Agent;
  • Quickteller Web;
  • GT Bank Branch;
  • Bank Branch;
  • Quickteller Mobile App;
  • Palmpay;
  • ATM;
  • Quickteller USSD.

While there are a lot of options to choose from while using the BetBonanza site, there are five most popular methods that are worth the attention of every player. More details on them are provided below.

Most Popular Betbonanza Withdrawal Methods


PayStack is a popular payment method for online casinos in Nigeria, providing a convenient and secure way for gamblers to make deposits and withdrawals. It is a trusted and widely used platform that enables seamless transactions between users and online gambling platforms. Among the top top advantages this method has:

  • Security. It has modern security measures to protect user data and transactions, ensuring a safe gambling experience;
  • Acceptance. Many reputable online casinos, including BetBonanza accept this service;
  • Convenience. It offers a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, making it simple for players to make deposits and withdrawals without hassle.
  • Fast transactions. This service facilitates quick transactions, allowing players to fund their casino accounts instantly and start playing immediately.
  • Multiple payment solutions. The account in PayStack supports debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and even mobile wallets, providing flexibility for users to choose their preferred payment method.

But no matter how good the service is, there are still a couple of disadvantages it has:

  • Transaction fees. This service charges transaction fees for certain payments on the online casino which could impact the overall cost for players making frequent deposits or even withdrawing;
  • Regulatory restrictions. Online gambling regulations in Nigeria may vary, and some financial institutions may have restrictions or limitations on transactions related to gambling activities, which could affect the availability of PayStack as a payment method for a particular person;

Overall, this is a very easy and handy deposit method to use for bets on a website like this online casino.

PayStack Payment Methods


Opay was launched in 2018 and quickly gained popularity due to a wide range of features tailored to the local gambling market. Gamblers can use the official mobile app of the service in order to complete the BetBonanza deposit. This payment method provides a smooth and efficient experience, accessible to a wide range of users across the country. Among the top advantages for this method, it is possible to mention:

  • Convenience. All payments can be completed within the official mobile software from this service;
  • Security. Among the security measures of this service, there is encryption technology and two-factor authentication, ensuring a secure gaming experience for every BetBonanza casino user;
  • Local currency support. This service supports transactions in the local NGN currency, eliminating the need for currency conversions and potential associated fees.

But it would be too good to be true, if there were no disadvantages at all. There are a couple of them:

  • Withdrawal limitations. Among all withdrawal options that are currently available on the site, this one is definitely not the best one to choose. The reason for that is a slow withdrawal time and some limits that are applied by the service;
  • Verification process. While the online casino itself requires a verification, this service also forces users to complete an additional procedure to verify the identity for higher transaction limits, which can be time-consuming for some players.

Despite these negative aspects, the overall impressions from the service are positive. It continues to evolve as a popular payment solution for Nigerian gamblers.

Opay Payments - BetBonanza

GT Bank mobile App

The GT Bank mobile app is one of most popular payment methods launched in 2018 and has since gained significant increase in popularity among online users for its convenience and security. The app allows GT Bank customers to easily manage their finances, make deposits and request a BetBonanza withdrawal, and access various banking services right from their mobile devices. There are a couple of advantages worth mentioning:

  • Seamless experience. Thanks to a native application for iOS and Android, people can complete their financial operations anywhere and at any time;
  • No need for additional authentication steps. Once the player has registered an account, it is possible to start using it without any additional steps of verification;
  • Support for instant operations. With the help of this method, gamblers can make their payments within a couple of seconds.  

While this method is traditionally associated with banking, it indeed has a couple of disadvantages that are difficult to hide:

  • Requires a bank account. This method is available only for customers of the GT Bank institution. Which means, other banks account holders are not able to use this option for payments on the site;
  • Technical aspect. There are a couple of software based glitches, which interrupts operations from time to time. 

But these aspects should not ruin the experience for players, because developers are always working on making this payment method much better for players with each new day.

Betbonanza Payments Using GTBank Mobile App


PalmPay is a service that offers a convenient and secure way for Nigerian players to make deposits and withdrawals on both desktop and BetBonanza mobile lite version of the site. Here are some pros this service has:

  • Integration with Local Banking. This service integrates with local Nigerian banks, allowing users to link their bank accounts and make seamless transfers between their PalmPay wallet and bank accounts. This feature enhances the convenience and accessibility of funds for online gambling purposes;
  • Convenience. Service allows users to make quick and hassle-free transactions through their mobile devices. It offers a user-friendly interface and simple navigation, making it easy to complete payments within a few taps;
  • Security. It prioritizes the security of user transactions. It employs encryption technology and does everything possible to protect users’ financial information, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities;

But despite having a lot of positive aspects, there are still a couple of disadvantages still worth mentioning:

  • Withdrawal Process. While PalmPay facilitates deposits to online casinos, the minimum withdrawal on betbonanza may have certain limitations or requirements. Players should familiarize themselves with the specific terms and conditions for withdrawing funds from their casino accounts using PalmPay;
  • Mobile-Only. This is primarily a mobile-based payment solution, which means it may not be as accessible for users who prefer to transact on desktop or laptop devices. However, given the high mobile penetration rate in Nigeria, this may not be a significant drawback for most users.

This is a very convenient and secure payment service for users of online casinos in Nigeria. The main priority to use it is to simplify the use of transactions for the online casino.

Betbonanza Deposit Using Palmpay Deposit


ATM also known as Automated Teller Machine is a popular payment method for online casinos in Nigeria, offering convenience and accessibility to gamblers. With an ATM, players can easily deposit funds into their BetBonanza accounts, enabling them to enjoy a wide range of casino games with full access to the functionality. It is very easy to find one of these machines nearby and use it to pay for bets. Here are the top advantages of this method:

  • Convenience. ATMs are widely available, allowing players to deposit funds into their online casino accounts at any time, without the need for a bank account or a credit card;
  • Accessibility. With numerous machines spread across the country, players can easily access their funds and enjoy online casino games;
  • Anonymity. Using an ATM provides a level of anonymity, as players do not need to share personal banking details with the online casino.

But there are of course a couple of downsides as well:

  • Transaction Fees. Some ATMs may charge fees for withdrawals or balance inquiries, which can add up over time;
  • Cash-Only. Using a machine limits players to depositing or withdrawing cash only, which may not be ideal for those who prefer digital transactions.

All of these factors tell only one thing – it is possible to take advantage out of this method, if the primary goal is to remain anonymous while making deposits, but it is definitely not a method for cashing out the winnings.

Deposit to Betbonanza using ATM

Minimum and Maximum Deposit Limits

For instant deposits, gamblers need to use one of the available payment methods. But considering they all have their own limits and specific features, it is important to learn more details over limits and ease of usage with the table below.

Minimum and Maximum Deposit Limits - Betbonanza Cassino

Payment MethodMinimum Deposit LimitMaximum Deposit LimitFees
Paystack100 NGN10000000 NGNNo Fees
Opay100 NGN10000000 NGNNo Fees
WebPay100 NGN10000000 NGNNo Fees
GT Pay Card, Bank and 737 Banking100 NGN10000000 NGNNo Fees
GT Bank Mobile App100 NGN10000000 NGN50 NGN
GTWorld App100 NGN10000000 NGN50 NGN
GT Bank Online100 NGN10000000 NGN50 NGN
Deposit in a Betting Shop100 NGN10000000 NGNNo Fees
Quickteller Paypoint Agent100 NGN10000000 NGNNo Fees
PalmPay Agent100 NGN10000000 NGNNo Fees
Quickteller Web100 NGN10000000 NGN100 NGN
GT Bank Branch100 NGN10000000 NGN50 NGN
Bank Branch100 NGN10000000 NGNNo Fees
Quickteller Mobile App100 NGN10000000 NGN100 NGN
PalmPay100 NGN10000000 NGNNo Fees
ATM100 NGN10000000 NGN100 NGN
Quicktelled USSD100 NGN10000000 NGN100 NGN

Withdrawal Methods

The list of available withdrawal methods is very limited in case of the BetBonanza. Basically, gamblers are able to use following services:

  • Bank Transfer;
  • OPay;
  • GTA Bank Mobile App. 

For bank transfers there are no fees. In order to request a withdrawal, it is important to enter a specific amount of money to cash out and enter a bank account number. Choose the bank from the list and click on the confirmation button. The team will see if a requested operation is fine and confirm it within an hour.

Withdrawal Methods - Betbonanza Cassino Nigeria

Withdrawal Limits and Processing Time

For successful gambling on this website, it is very important to learn more information surrounding the BetBonanza minimum withdrawal and maximum payout limits. To request a BetBonanza cash out and know that there are going to be no issues with requirements, it is highly recommended to learn more details surrounding all of these methods by using the table provided below.

Withdrawal Limits - Betbonanza Cassino NigeriaWithdrawal Methods - Betbonanza Cassino

Payment MethodMinimum Withdrawal LimitMaximum Withdrawal LimitFees
Bank Transfer100 NGN1000000 NGNNo Fees
OPay100 NGN1000000 NGNFees on the part of the service
GTA Bank Mobile App100 NGN1000000 NGNFees on the part of the service

Frequently Asked Questions

This review provides enough details on all payment methods that are currently available on the site, but there are a couple of popular questions worth answering in this FAQ.

How to make a deposit at BetBonanza?

How to make a deposit at BetBonanza?

To make a deposit at this website, you need to register an account, open the profile, go to the cashier page and choose one of the available deposit methods.

Does BetBonanza offer a Welcome Bonus for the first deposit?

Does BetBonanza offer a Welcome Bonus for the first deposit?

Yes, there is a welcome bonus for the first deposit after the registration – for the minimum deposit of 100 NGN, you receive a match bonus up to 100000 NGN.

How to withdraw from BetBonanza?

How to withdraw from BetBonanza?

To withdraw the money from the site, you need to register an account and verify it with one of the identification documents. After that, just open the payment methods tab from the menu and request a withdrawal with one of the available methods.